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Alumni share their motivations for giving

Jess C. Brown (BS 98, MS 99, PhD 02)

Jess Brown
Jess Brown

“In short, my experience at the University of Illinois Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering built the foundation from which my entire career in water has grown. World-class faculty and the program’s deliberate balance between science and engineering, theory and practice are essential in preparing students to tackle the increasingly complex challenges facing our industry.

Furthermore, the friendships and connections I developed through CEE have grown into a giant network of people who influence my professional and personal experiences daily.

I give because I will always be in debt to the Illinois CEE program.”



Byung Kim
Byung Kim

Byung R. Kim (MS 74, PhD 77)

“I have always felt that my professional career would not have even started without the education that I received from the University of Illinois and my thesis adviser, Dr. Vern Snoeyink.

I am grateful for that. I have fond memories of the University: running laboratory experiments late at night, searching for answers in libraries (no internet yet), listening to renowned professors in classrooms for new knowledge, and walking around the campus (especially around Illini Union) with my wife. I still remember them.”



Andrew J. Martin (BS 98) and Karen M. Martin (BS 98, MS 00)

Karen and Andrew Martin
Karen and Andrew Martin

"Our time at the world-class facilities of the University of Illinois, and with its industry-leading teachers and mentors, provided us with both the technical foundation and reasoning skills to be successful in our careers. We were challenged to think critically, were taught the importance of communication, and shown what it means to be a true leader. This has served us well in all aspects of our lives.

Having remained personally and professionally connected with the University and its staff since our graduation, we have seen and heard what it takes for the University to remain at the forefront of civil and environmental engineering research and teaching, while staying true to a 150 years commitment to excellence. We are both proud to have attended the University of Illinois and are honored to be able to give back, so that the next generation of students will have the same opportunities we had at this top-ranked civil and environmental engineering program."


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