Honoring Our History

Steven Fenves Faculty Office
Moreland Herrin Distinguished Faculty Office
John Melin Faculty Office
CEE Legacy of Excellence Displays
Faculty Lounge
Tech Resource Room
Chi Epsilon Alpha Chapter History Display
Instructional Technology Hub
Dick Shaffer Faculty Office
Alfredo H.-S. Ang Faculty Office
James Clark Faculty Office
Ellis Danner Faculty Office
Concrete Canoe History Display
Chester P. Siess Smart Bridge Gateway Collaboration Space
Arthur R. Robinson Collaboration Space
German Gurfinkel Collaboration Space
Mete Sozen Collaboration Space
Edwin H. Gaylord Jr. Distinguished Faculty Office
LeRoy Boyer Faculty Office
Ben Chie Yen Library
CEEAA Board of Directors Student Collaboration Space
Sidney Epstein Alumni Welcome Center
Transportation Faculty Classroom
E.W. and J.L. Merritt Structural Design Laboratory
Graduate Student Workstations
Nathan Newmark Distinguished Faculty Office
Faculty Offices (individual offices available for naming)
Judith S. and Jon Liebman Gallery
Illinois Alumni of ExxonMobil Conference Center
Graduate Student Workstations
Milhouse Family Classroom
CEE Showcase
Robert and Glenda Johnson Collaboration Space
William J. and Elaine F. Hall Classroom
Vernon L. Snoeyink Water Chemistry Laboratory
Robert H. Dodds Commons
Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Ernest J. Barenberg Concrete Materials and Pavement Instructional Laboratory
Sanitation and Resource Recovery Lab
Gary Parker Morpho-dynamics Laboratory
Cording, Davisson, Fernandez, Hendron, Lenzini, Mesri and Nieto Geotechnical Laboratory
Terzaghi, Peck and Deere Geotechnical Laboratory
William L. Gamble Collaboration Space
Kavita and Lalit Bahl Smart Bridge